At pblasio & people, we create websites and web applications that mix thoughtful online strategy with emotionally engaging design. We help our clients create a web presence for their brand and business — one that easily informs, masterfully provokes, and looks great. We eat, sleep and dream our projects because we love our work and we love a good challenge.


After a few years (well, actually, 20) of web work, our projects have piled up. We’ve supported industries as diverse as healthcare, immigration, automotive, technology, financial services, and even chocolates – to name a few. While we can’t share all our work, here are examples to provide a snapshot of what we do.


Smart design and development of cross platform websites and web applications is what we do. This includes, but is not limited to, business needs analysis, digital strategy, online brand translation, responsive design and development, content development, search engine optimization, website and campaign analysis, project management, and on-going maintenance and enhancement planning.

PROCESS (in a nutshell)

We can be a pair of hands when needed, but we typically work as a badged employee for each client cultivating a sense of ownership towards achieving their organizational goals and objectives.icon-discoveryDiscovering is essential. Every project starts with answering the question the big question “Why are you doing this?”and the answer to this question feeds into thePlan plan to develop an online, offline, or closed application that we’ll all be happy with. When we know where we’re going, then we focus on ways to get there – and there are always options. So, when weDesign design a solution we factor in the answer to the big question and mix in what we know about the brand, the audience; and business & customer objectives. These bits on information contribute towards identifying supporting technical requirements and to frame out site content and design. It all comes down to outcomes in the end and the success of any website or application is rooted deeply in the ability for people to be able to use it. Meaning? That when weBuildbuild it, it’s built for the kind of devices that the target audience are likely to use to view it, content is organized in a manner that seems familiar to them, and the design makes consumption effortless. Once we’re ‘out there’ andLaunch launched we have the option to see how things are going, toMonitor monitor & improve what we’ve developed, using traffic analysis, user feedback and other methods to enhance the customer experience and support the organization’s bottom line.


  • Our product & technology team has worked with pblasio for several years. Through concept & design brainstorming, application prototyping, creative asset development and delivery they’ve contributed significantly in helping to animate some of our most important strategic initiatives. They are valued partners, great team members, and good people.

    Jen Glaeser VP Product & Technology, ConnectedHealth
  • As a developer and entrepreneur, I’ve been amazed at the depth of knowledge and curiosity at pblasio&people. I’m continually impressed at the creative focus they apply to web development, digital strategies, social media, mobile applications and holistic design solutions.

    Mark Walz Fluent Consulting
  • Patrick and Theresa bring a high level of professionalism and creativity to every project we throw their way. The entire team is always willing to jump in and ensure we deliver the best print and web design products to our clients.

    Jeff Hyman Marketing & Communications Director, ConnectedHealth
  • We have turned to pblasio for our design needs for over 10 years. In that time, they have developed dozens of logos, icons and infographics, and defined the look and feel of over 30 online publications that have similar frameworks but unique brands. From start to finish, the pblasio team brings creativity and drive resulting in top notch design work that our readers and clients praise time and again.

    Brian Boyle Co-founder of Issue Media Group
  • Our web development company’s task was to build a custom CMS for Delphi, a multi-billion dollar auto supplier. We have the developers and the creative team; what we were missing was someone who understood both and could develop a strategy in a visual format for the client, our project manager, developers and creatives to follow. Patrick did that and more. He developed wireframes from a user’s standpoint, so our creative team only needed to ‘color it all in’.

    Allison Gabrys Senior Project Manger, i33
  • Back in 1996, we worked together on the General Motors first true website. Patrick was lead information architect and designer, and his understanding of form and function for the web was well beyond most people. It’s been over 20 years and we are still working together.

    Grady Avant Digital Strategist, Avasio
  • pblasio&people took our complicated web-based immigration application and reworked it into a more intuitive and visually pleasing experience for our clients. After that, we commissioned him to develop our identity and marketing site.

    Jeff West Owner, LLS International

About Us

pblasio & people came about in 2001 after the the dot-com bubble popped. The internet darling company Patrick worked for went under so he hung his own shingle after 15 years of working for others, learning the good, bad and ugly. Having worked together in the past, Theresa came aboard in 2008 and helps steer the ship.

Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, pblasio & people defines, designs and builds websites that help clients build business and strengthen their brands. We ask hard questions, and then ask more. We want to know our customer’s business intimately so we can get it right. As a small group of online craftspeople, we have plenty of computer smarts and creativity, but our work vibe is informal and easy going. That said, it’s our job to maintain the iron triangle: scope, schedule and budget.

Patrick’s expertise draws on his combined traditional and interactive pursuits. His unique background brings modern thinking tempered with traditional best practices to a customers marketing and advertising approach.

Theresa’s digital experience includes managing back-end application development projects to initiatives packaged with integrated online strategy, creative, analytics advertising, information architecture, engineering, quality assurance and on-going vision planning and maintenance.

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